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  • 当製品はアスレチックトレーナー視点で開発した睡眠を追求した枕です。

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    Product Highlights

    1. 96.9% is air. Made with high-quality, next-generation cushioning material, “Air Raschel.”


    2. Focused on providing rest to the maximum number of muscles. Specially designed to support the shoulder blades.


    3. Comfortable in any posture. Equipped with ear pockets for people who sleep on their sides.

    For 45 years, we have adjusted the conditions of professional athletes as athletic trainers, and researched how to improve the performance of each athlete.



    For both athletes and the general population, sleep is essential to how well you perform and feel the following day.

    When creating this product, we asked not just athletes but ordinary men and women of all ages to test it and received feedback from many that the “quality of their sleep environment improved”.

    We are thrilled to introduce this pillow that was developed from the perspective of an athletic trainer, designed to help you achieve high-quality sleep.

    This product was created with the goal of maximizing rest for your body while you sleep.

    With the perspective that “the more muscles you rest, the better-quality sleep you can get,” not only does it have functions of a traditional pillow but it also provides support for your shoulder blades.

    There are 3 major sleeping postures: Most people sleep “face-up” or “sideways,” and some people sleep “face-down.” This pillow is designed to be easy to use in all postures.


    Face-Up: The Air Raschel gently supports the entire face. The neck supporter helps prop up the neck and makes it easier to secure the airway.


    Sideways: To reduce the pressure on the ears, the pillow features ear pockets on both sides.


    Face-Down: The breathability of the Air Raschel supports your breathing when you’re face-down.

    After experimenting with numerous materials, we were astonished by the Air Raschel used in this product.


    With approximately 95% of its volume being air, Air Raschel is extremely breathable, highly resilient, and incredibly durable. Even if you sleep on it every day, it won’t wear down easily and will support your sleep for years to come.


    When sleeping sideways, have you ever experienced pain from the pressure on your ear?

    In response to such complaints, unique ear pockets have been added on each side of the pillow to reduce this pressure.


    The shoulder blade is related to 4 joints and 16 muscles.

    Pillows have traditionally been used as tools to support the head and neck, but the design of this product supports the shoulder blades as well.


    This design allows even more of your joints and muscles to rest so that you can achieve the highest-quality sleep possible.




    Fujita Industries Soccer Team (Currently J.League Shonan Bellmare): Chief Trainer

    Corporate League: Prince Hotel Baseball Team

    Asian Athletics Championship: Japan Representative

    Soccer Toyota Cup: AC Milan vs Olimpia Referee Trainer

    Japan Soccer Representative

    J.League Soccer: Shonan Bellmare Chief Trainer

    IBA International Boys Nankyu Baseball Japan Representative Coach American Tournament

    Soccer World Qualifying Tournament: South American Team

    2002 FIFA World Cup Soccer: Referee (Sapporo/Saitama)

    2006 Club World Cup: Oakland City FC

    TAKE ACTION! 2008 +1 Match: All-Japan Team Trainer

    JOMO CUP 2009: J.League All-Star Team Trainer

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