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About Miyake

Comfortable and Safe Sports Massage for All

Miyake Sports Massage is a treatment clinic that provides personalized treatment for each individual in order to improve their condition in
the shortest time possible.
We have experience treating stiff shoulders, back pain, knee pain, sports injuries, and more.
Depending on your symptoms, we can also combine acupuncture, electroacupuncture, laser treatments, and various types of electrotherapy treatments to enhance the effectiveness of treatments.

Kimitoshi Miyake


Keeping You in Your Best Condition

Based in Yoyogi, Miyake Sports Massage has a wide range of clients,
including athletes, pianists, dancers, entertainers, and the general public.

Our clinic is full of experienced practitioners. However, we do not rely on
technique alone. We value communication with our patients above all

Our motto is to pursue the best treatment methods while remaining close
to our patients. Our staff is devoted to bringing smiles to our patients'

Career History

  • 1974 - 1981: Japan Trainer Association, Komori Sports Massage Clinic, Employee

  • 1981: Japan Trainer Association Member, Miyake Sports Massage, Founder

  • 1981 - Present: Japan Trainer Association Member, Miyake Sports Massage, Representative

  • December 2009: Miyake Sports Massage Clinic, Director

  • May 2012: Tokyo Ryojutsu Gakuin, Assistant Dean


  • Self-Taping (Nihonbungeisha, Co., Ltd.)

  • Sports Massage & Taping by Professionals (Oizumi Shoten)

  • First Aid for Athletes by Professionals (Oizumi Shoten)

  • Professional Techniques for Anyone! Sports Massage & Taping (Nihonbungeisha Co., Ltd.)

  • Quick and Precise! Do-It-Yourself Taping (Nihonbungeisha Co., Ltd.)

  • DVD Sports Massage & Taping [Wide Edition] (Oizumi Shoten)

  • Common Sense of the Body Prior to Muscle Training: Visual Version (Kodansha Ltd.)

Kimitoshi Miyake

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